Five Step Analysis & Custom Z-Fitting Service.

Custom Z-Fitter

  • $49.96

This no-obligation fitting service is only $49.96 and includes unlimited adjustments for one year from your date of purchase of any Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear.

The fitter will proceed with the following at your appointment:

1) Your personal fitter will inquire about any foot conditions or complaints you have about Knee, Hip, or Back Pain that you are currently experiencing.

2) Then the fitter will analyze your Walk/Gait.

3) While you’re walking, the fitter will visually observe your hips to determine if you are balanced.

4) The fitter will visually observe your current heel strike, looking for signs of Pronation or Supination issues.

5) Finally the fitter will analyze your arches to determine their status of a High, Medium, or Low arch support.

Once your fitter has completed your FIVE STEP ANALYSIS, they will proceed to the Custom Fitting Service of any Z-CoiL Style of your choosing, taking into consideration all of your personal and physical requirements which together you have learned from the five-step analysis. This entire process takes approximately 30 minutes.

Only when you obtain the desire Ahh Relief Feeling is your Custom Z-Fitter's job complete.

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